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Pictures & Scans
Email Doug Goodwin if you'd like to submit your personal Brother Cane photos or scans.
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Roland Edger Collection

Roland Edger is a musician and mega fan who has shared his massive collection with Pure Cane. There are a number of rare treats here, including some of Damon's early work with Witness and Delta Rebels. This stuff has not been on the web before. Visit Roland's band's site, Loaded Dice.

Award for Brother Cane album
"Breadmaker" promo
BC bumper stickers
Canadian fan club postcard
Damon Johnson, circa 1988
Damon & Eddie Van Halen
Damon's guitar picks
Damon live with Gene Pledger
Damon and Roland
Dust promo poster
Dust t-shirt
"Voice of Eujena" promo
"And Fools Shine On" promo
"Hard Act to Follow" promo
"I Lie..." jukebox 45
"I Lie..." promo
"Machete" promo
Delta Rebels bio
Delta Rebels CD box
Delta Rebels CD
Delta Rebels LP front
Delta Rebels LP back
Delta Rebels promo 1
Delta Rebels promo 2
"That Don't Satisfy Me" promo
Award for Seeds album
Seeds poster
Wishpool promo
Witness 45 front
Witness 45 back
Witness CD
Witness LP
Wishpool sampler

Rance Newland Photography & Video
Rance Newland has kindly submitted video stills from the Macon and Atlanta shows on 9/10-11/99.
All stills copyright Rance Newland, 1999.

Macon 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Atlanta 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Bill Parsons Rock Photography

Bill Parsons, a rock photographer and big Brother Cane fan, has been kind enough to share a number of great BC photos.

Scott Roman Damon Bill #4 Bill #5 Bill #6

Scans & Miscellaneous BC Items

Submitted by Pat McCarthy (75k)

An article from the North Central College Newspaper in Illinois

Submitted by Kristi

A very cool pencil drawing of Damon

courtesy of Ebay auction

Scott's Seeds backstage pass  (front) (back)

courtesy of Ebay auction

Damon's Wishpool guitar pick (front) (back)

courtesy of Ebay auction

Seeds tour poster, signed by band

Doug Goodwin, personal collection

Debut album, signed by original lineup

Doug Goodwin, personal collection

Fan Club postcard, summer 1998

courtesy of Rivera amplifiers

David Anderson in Rivera amplifiers ad, 1995-96

courtesy of Guitar World

David and Roman in Peavey amplifiers ad, 1998-99

Columbus, GA show - 8/14/98

photography by Doug Goodwin

Newspaper Ad for Rock 103 Birthday Bash
Damon 1 Damon 2 Damon and David David 1
Roman 1
Roman 2 Roman 3 Scott 1