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Updates & Events

10/16 - Added Memphis show review for Damon

8/5 - updates to tour dates, tablatures
reviews of Damon's Atlanta & Columbus shows

6/6 - positive Wall of Sound review of Jesse James Dupree's Foot Fetish mentions Roman Glick

6/5 - New look for Pure Cane uploaded, Roland Edger collection posted in Pics & Scans




Hi, everyone. If you're reading this, thanks for staying with Pure Cane. I apologize for the lack of updates and info. Damon's official site will have the most up-to-date tour information for him, the new Brother Cane and Damn Yankees. My time is just really pressed, but I still want to be a solid source of info about Damon and the other members of Brother Cane.

FYI, the DVD for Halloween:The Curse of Michael Myers came out this past Tuesday. A crappy movie in general, but four songs from Seeds are featured prominently throughout - "And Fools Shine On," "Breadmaker," "Horses & Needles" and "20/20 Faith" are all in there. It's worth a rental if you're in for some October fun that features BC music.

If you're still lagging on getting the Dust acoustic album by Damon Johnson, you can now order online through Go get it!!

I got it for free at

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