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- 11.18.99 - Damon Johnson at Zydeco's (acoustic)

20/20 Faith
Make Your Play
Voice of Eujena
And Fools Shine On
The Road
Got No Shame
Hard Act to Follow
......(someone fill in here)
Message in a Bottle

Fan Notes:

From Ron Byrd:

I went to Birmingham last night and saw Damon's acoustic set at the Zydeco in Birmingham....He was awsome!!! After handling a few technical problems with style, flair, and a little bit of humor, Damon demonstrated what a true professional he is, by ripping out a smoking rendition of "Wishpool". He played two sets with a brief intermission in between and did alot of talking in between songs. It was very much like a VH-1 "Storytellers" (very cool and informative). The bad news that he gave was that Brother Cane is on "indefinite hiatus" since they are in between record deals. However, he is putting together a new band called Dragonfly for next year. He really talked up Dave and Scott's new band in Huntsville and mentioned that they had a song on Dawson's Creek recently. He claimed to be nervous because it was the first show that he has played by himself acoustically. He should not have worried...the crowd was VERY supportive and everyone thought that he was GREAT!!! He tore through acoustic renditions of "20/20", "Make Your Play", "Voice of Eugena", "Fools Shine On", "The Road", "Got No Shame", "Hard Act To Follow", "Borderline" by Thin Lizzy, and a few new ones and old ones that did not make the cut for Wishpool. He received three standing ovations during the night and returned for an encore of "Woman" and then finally closed with "Message in the Bottle" by Sting. If you are kicking yourself for not being able to be there....I don't blame missed a HELL of a show. However, the D-Man recorded last night's events for posterity and is going to be putting the show out as a live CD. He told me after the show that it should be available on this web site or he may have his own web site to sell it through. He promises that Dragonfly's stuff will NOT be acoustic, it will be "....power chords and brain damage." He also left the door open to playing another acoustic solo set at the Zydeco. Therefore, the future is bright BC fans. I am very optimistic that even though Brother Cane may have dissolved, these musicians will continue to produce great tunes for many years to come.