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9.30.00 - Damon Johnson & Mike Farris - Newby's - Memphis, TN

Pieces Of You
To Turn Back Now
Voice of Eujena
I Lie In The Bed I Make
Message In A Bottle
Hard Act To Follow
Save Me (A new song about relationships)
Workin Man Blues
If It Happened To Be
Make Your Play
And Fools Shine On

w/ Mike Farris
Got No Shame
Tuesday's Gone
Can I Go Home With You
The Ballad of Curtis Lowe

Review by Steve Reichard

I saw Damon with Mike Farris here in Memphis last Saturday. Great Show! I heard Damon's show in Atlanta over the net but nothing compares to live. The setlist was different too.

He also played duets with Mike. That guy just blew me away. Sang his ass off