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7.29.00 - Rock 103 Dysfunctional Family Picnic- Columbus, GA

I Lie in the Bed I Make
Even Though (new song from Damn Yankees material)
Workin' Man Blues
Make Your Play
And Fools Shine On
Got No Shame

Review by Shawn Tritz

I made it to the Columbus show and it was a cool place for an outdoor show. Unfortunately, I had to leave after Damon Johnson's set and couldn't stay for Buffalo Nickel and Jesse James Dupree. I'll be kicking myself for awhile for that one. Show started at what must have been about 8 est. Opening band Forced Entry was surprisingly very impressive! That dude can sing, hope they get somewhere. I don't remember what order these songs came in, but Damon's set included I Lie in the Bed I Make, Got No Shame, And Fools Shine On, Workin' Man Blues, Make Your Play, one of the Damn Yankee songs. There might have been one more, but I can't remember if there was. After the show, Damon Johnson sat at the sale stand to talk and sign autographs. Apparently most people were Jackyl fanatics cause there weren't many people waiting to meet him. I'm sure the highlight for many people was the chance to win an autographed chainsaw of Jesse James Dupree. I got to talk a short bit, trying to find out if he saw you there. I didn't see you and he didn't, so I figured you missed the show (which is why I'm sending the set list). All in all, was great to see him perform the accoustic set in person and finally shake his hand. I will continue to look forward to hopes of another Brother Cane album someday.