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7.24.00 - Damon Johnson & Mike Farris - Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA

Believe in Me
I Lie in the Bed I Make
To Turn Back Now
Even Though (new song from Damn Yankees material)
Hard Act to Follow
Voice of Eujena
Workin' Man Blues
Pieces of You
Make Your Play
The Road
And Fools Shine On
Every Day (new song)
Got No Shame

w/ Mike Farris
Needle and the Spoon
The Ballad of Curtis Lowe
Gimme Back My Bullets

Review by Doug Goodwin, the web guy for Pure Cane

This rainy Monday in Atlanta was a great night to escape to Smith's Olde Bar, one of Atlanta's most intimate music venues, for an acoustic show with Damon Johnson and Mike Farris (of Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies). After Farris's energetic set, Damon hit the stage for a nice run-through of songs, mostly from the Dust record. Some cool additions were "Even Though," a new cut from the Damn Yankees sessions, The Road (a nice 'oldie' to hear), and another fresh song, "Every Day."

The crowd was about composed of about half Wheelies fans there for Mike and half Brother Cane fans there for Damon, giving both sides an opportunity to hear some unfamiliar music. Following Damon's set, he and Farris both took the stage for a pack of Lynryd Skynyrd covers.

Overall, the show was a really fun experience, and "Pieces of You" is fast becoming a new favorite of mine. My only pick is that I thought the setlist was a bit heavy into the earlier Brother Cane material, denying the acoustic treatment to a lot of songs off of Seeds and Wishpool that would have been refreshing to hear.

Damon 1 - Damon 2 - Damon 3