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- o9.11.99 - Atlanta, GA - The Cotton Club

The Crow Flies
The Truth
20/20 Faith
I Lie in the Bed I Make
And Fools Shine On
Got No Shame
Make Your Play

Fan Notes:

I may have a couple of songs on the setlist out of order - I'm working off of memory here.  The first of two opening bands failed to show up, which delayed the start of the show for over an hour, much to the chagrin of the people at the Cotton Club.  The doors opened at 9 pm, but openers Buffalo Nickel didn't take stage until nearly 11 pm.  BN were a very entertaining band - plenty of energy powered songs that may have been somewhat derivative.  Fun band, though.

An excellent show - the band seemed to be fueled by the small, but energetic crowd.  As a first time seeing Brother Cane as a power trio without David, it was interesting to hear them fill the songs out and they do quite well.  If you're a regular to BC shows, you can tell where they're filling in, but it shows the pure musicianship of the band to be able to pull it off successfully.   None of the songs ever sound anemic.  By request of someone named Michael who was at the Macon show the night before, the guys finished the set with an explosive "Kerosene."  There was very little banter from Damon or Roman, probably due to the relatively small crowd - the guys concentrated on the music.

Here are a number of great video stills from the Atlanta show courtesy of Rance Newland, photographer/videographer.   All stills copyright Rance Newland, 1999.

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