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- o8.27.99 - Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre

The Crow Flies
The Truth
Hung on a Rope
20/20 Faith
I Lie in the Bed I Make
And Fools Shine On
Got No Shame
Make Your Play

Fan Notes:

From Steve Reichard - A Local Guitarist sat in for David during Got No Shame. His name is Zack Meyers. He's 15 years old and been playing for 3 1/2 years. Sounds alot line Stevie Ray and Kenny Wayne. I hadn't heard of him before and it was really eerie seeing him for the first time on 8/27/99 (Stevie Ray's death date).

From Dr. Matrixx - I was at the Memphis show was an excellent show. Zach Meyers is an excellent guitarist from Memphis and he has a cd coming out within the next few weeks so go out and buy it. I recorded the show and, even though it isn't perfect quality, it is still listenable. I am willing to trade with anyone who has any Brother Cane shows from 98-99. Let me know...