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- o5.8.99 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Southern Star Music Fest

The Crow Flies
The Truth
Got No Shame
20/20 Faith
I Lie in the Bed I Make
And Fools Shine On

Fan Notes:

From Larry Collins: I was at the show in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and the B.C. boys rocked! Extra cool because they played three-piece (Dave was in Florida at his sister's  wedding). The only weird thing is that, other than Eddie Money, all the other acts on the bill were country bands!!! So our Bro Cane boys came off more  like Korn to many in the crowd...Damon had some equipment problems early in the set, but danced around it  nicely...Damon, Scott, and Roman signed stuff for fans for about an hour after their show (damn, they're cool !!!)